Wednesday, January 21, 2009

weekend festivities

Had a great weekend--even though I had to move out of corporate housing and into a new place. Unpacking is such a nightmare but thank goodness I had an amazing person to help me out!! Thanks smoops for building the furniture, setting up my new TV, (and yes I decided to pick up another Flat Screen for my bedroom--I'm helping the economy), and all the handy work...I still need help setting up my DVD player though!!! check out the view from the balcony, it's right onto the street and I can see peeps when they come visit. After all the unpacking the always gracious Mr. Astor Chambers invited us to an intimate dinner party at his home with a bunch of Nike folks (actually every footwear company was represented that night). Funny how a bunch of NY'ers all end up in the boonies. His home wasn't even on the navigation system (WTF)!