Tuesday, January 27, 2009


great hunting, outdoor shop with amazing luggage pieces and cute safari inspired jackets. A nice alternative to Steven Alan


I was sorta bored at the airport so I picked this up on the way back from NYC...yes smoops, i'm utterly, and insanely obsessed with vampire-lore. bite me. This was an easy enough read and while not as multi-faceted as the True Blood books, entertaining enough....

Leica --my luv...

World renowned German camera maker Leica has come out with a limited Safari edition of its beautiful M8.2 digital model. Leica, the favored camera for famous photographers ranging from Henri Cartier Bresson and Diane Arbus to Nan Goldin, is limiting the Safari to only 500 pieces worldwide, and it is priced at about $10,000. It comes bundled with a 28mm F2.8 Summicron lens and a matching canvas and leather camera bag. The 10.3-million-pixel M8.2 is an updated version of the original M8, the firm's first digital rangefinder camera, the prototype for which was auctioned off last summer. The Safari model features a matte green vulcanite finish body combined with brushed silver accents and a saddle leather strap.

every girl needs a lil la mer...

This Luxe Keepsake Box from luxury skincare company La Mer certainly caught my eye. Designed by British royal furniture designer David Linley, and crafted from sycamore with a distinct green exterior finish, the 15 limited edition boxes come with a 60ml jar of Creme de la Mer and a silver spatula nestled inside -- along with a custom lock and key meant to balance tradition with modern design. Each box is numbered and costs RM3,800 (approx $1,050).

BMW boat

The Bavaria Deep Blue 46 has been penned by DesignworksUSA, a subsidiary of Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). The design features a wide 4½-meter beam to better accommodate the pleasure-seekers on board, with ample sun lounges, wide passageways fore and aft and sufficient space beneath the decks to retreat from the elements. The vessel, which is the studio's second venture into the water following the Zeydon Z60 sailing yacht, is being shown to the public for the first time at the Düsseldorf Boat Show, currently under way on the banks of the Rhine river in northern Germany.


One of my fav jewelry designers.....famous for black diamonds and gothic, industrial pieces for men and women...

Element Case Valentine's Day iPhone Cases

Element Case is offering a Limited Edition Valentine's Liquid Case that fits the classic iPhone and iPhone 3G. It's a tough case that protects your phone on all sides. The hard shell case is built to withstand rough handling and offers access to all ports. And once your phone is locked in, it's not going anywhere. The case has flip lids that protect the screen when not in use. Built especially for those that use play games on the iPhone, the case offers a little extra room to hold on, making it function a little more like a PSP or Nintendo DS.

The Valentine artwork was developed by graphic designer Nancy Ogami. They will make 100 custom back painted pearlescent pink cases each numbered and is customized with "your message or name" engraved on both the gray lid and the translucent flip lid. The case sells for $119 and the last order processing day for guaranteed shipping by Valentine's Day is February 10 (February 7 for Europe).

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year

with the family in nYc...

New York Dim Sum Brunch

With 25+ people that I all love of course....but it was sorta last minute and I am sooooo sorry if I forgot to invite some of you and for those that couldn't make it ...I'll be back in New York City next weekend and we can do it all over again!!! MY TREAT!

Oh so the Dim Sum place is Jin Fong on canal and elizabeth and it was my first time there. The place is HUGE, the service not so great and the food doesn't compare to Dim Sum in Flushing...but it'll do.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


One of my last projects at complex...this was fun...

Hybrid Lexus

Lexus wasn't the first Japanese automaker to launch a premium brand in North America (that title belongs to Acura) but it has been the most successful. Last week on the 20th anniversary of the launch of the original LS400 at the Detroit Auto Show, Lexus did debut a true first. The new HS250h is the world's first dedicated luxury hybrid which means it's only available with combined gas and electric drive. There is no non-hybrid version of the HS250h which is derived from the Prius.

Seattle Fran's

President Reagan had his jellybeans and President Obama has his own favorite candy. Seattle's Fran's Chocolates is usually cranking out Valentine candy and chocolate hearts at this time of year to prepare for the candy holiday but the chocolatier is now focusing on salted caramels. That's because President Obama loves the candy and demand has soared through the roof. The Seattle Times reports that Fran's Chocolates has increased their salted-caramel production by 50 percent since various sources mentioned the presidential favorite. Barack Obama prefers the milk chocolate covered caramels with smoked salt while Michelle Obama enjoys the dark-chocolate-covered caramels with gray salt. You can test both kinds with a 16-piece box that sells for $24.

dinner BAY 13

Bay 13 is a asian seafood restaurant in the Pearl..it's right around the corner from my APT--grabbed a quick bite with Mark & Edison Chen (CLOT) and it was def a good convo. (the meal wasn't so good) Eateries in the Pearl are very over-rated.

That being said, I think we all have our preconceived notions about the "sex-tape" scandal surrounding Mr. Chen but he was a very hospitable and generous fella--great manners. Maybe that's why all the ladies were attracted to him.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

asia's calling

just finalized my upcoming trip to Asia--Jakarta, Shanghai, and Hong Kong! Can't wait and I'm super stoked that Rob-o's coming too!! It's always better to travel with those whose company you enjoy...can't wait to go shopping...hopefully we can make a quick stop in Japan too....

the secret life of bees

had a quick visit with the lovely Zie and super cutie Mason (mini Mike)...they were staying at Ptown's aloft hotel which is a vision of W Hotels. Introduced in 2005, the aloft brand serves as a 'little sister' to the W Hotels, offering mid-scale select-service hotels. Starwood has announced plans to have 500 aloft hotels by 2012.

The three of us watched a chick flick--The Secret Life of Bees--It was good but a lil depressing.

everything Chanel

Chanel's cruise line has hit stores and it's yummy...especially the shoes with the "Gun" heels...to die for..

dream home

They call it the Arrowhead Drive Architectural for a good reason this home is a great example of modern architecture in Los Angeles's Hollywood HIlls. The home is located on a hill with views of Lake Hollywood. The home is a mix of the solid and the airy. Its angular form takes the shape of two glass and steel boxes which are perched in poured concrete walls and set for the most dramatic views possible. The living room has walls of glass that retract to open the space to the outdoors. The floating dining room area makes you seem as if you are dining above the lake. The dramatic gourmet kitchen gets a touch of whimsy from the bubble like lighting. The home includes a gym, massage room and a home theater. The pool appears to fall directly into the canyon below.They don't get much more beautifully contemporary than this one. This home is listed at $12.5 million.