Monday, January 28, 2008


my first wedding in Seattle and I had a blast! It was a small intimate event at the super-chic Pan Pacific hotel! Congrats to Julie (Museum Group) And Sang (ATMOS/UBIQUE) they're the cutest couple ever! Everyone from Dre (Museum Group) Lanie/Bam (Hellz Belles), John Lee (owner ATMOS, UBIQUE), Robin (South Pole), Matt (Reebok) & Donnie (Complex) all made their way to Seattle to help celebrate this very special occasion! check out their sneaker wedding cake and their Kanye inspired wedding souvenirs.

so much fun! Thanks for having me guys!!! I'll see u in Vegas!

oregon snow

10 inches of snow in Oregon!!!! took a lil hike to the waterfalls..AMAZING VIEW!!! Not quite Niagara Falls but just as spectacular.
(sorry can't remember the name of the trail)

I luv seattle

really I do..such a nice & clean city..I'm such a dork when I visit other cities...hahaha..took a quick ride on the Tram..
And had brunch with the wedding party at SALTY"S!!! the brunch buffet was overwhelming but the view was out of this world!

books make the best presents...

espcially books that'll make you a couple of good ones as a belated birthday present..THX J..nice to see u in NYC...
The tipping point is one of my fav's and I can't wait to read the rest!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

back to Seattle..

Excited that I'm headed back to Seattle this week...staying at the lovely Pan Pacific and I'm even more excited to attend the wedding of Sang (ATMOS) and Julie (Museum Group/Hellz Bellez/Crooks)....should be a hypebeast affair for sure.

Stressed, I still need to find a 'kit.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Louis Vuitton X Richard Prince

hitting stores everywhere soon...another obsession.

latest obsession

gladiator boots from balenciaga..

birthday presents...

got a couple of nice presents for the big birthday...who doesn't like Chanel, Versace and fresh office was like a florist shop!

I know, I'm a very lucky lady and I shouldn't be sooo depressed about birthdays....HUGE THX to J, M, B, C, and everyone else!

happy birtday ms. shum

I heart this lady....not only has Ms. Kris been one of my closest friends for the past 10 years...she shares a birthday so close to my own. what's not to love..we went to Karaoke for Kris' bday...and even though I don't SING, it was still a blast!

surprise visitor

Even Tizzle surprised me on my bday...he drove a couple hours to visit the kid. the smallest gestures mean the most to me.

Birthday .....

NAILS DID...MAKE-UP DONE/REDONE..ready to roll out....getting O-L-D....sad...depressing


Fun with the ladies @ HIRO...@ the official after party for the United Trade Show..and chilled with the cuties Alex & Adrian...

Birthday PART II

For Part II of my birthday festivities....the golden girls club (my very own version of Sex in the City) took me to Matsuri, one of my fav sushi spots in NYC...great food, and ambiance. Perfect for a special date! You have to try the duck and desserts here!!

Birthday PART I

for my birthday the ladies/co-workers/bestest friends surprised me with an lil dinner at some fancy Korean BBQ spot. the food was sooo yummy! Thanks guys..
ROBIN!!! the cake was absolutely out of this world. this was the first of a series of bday dinners.. diet time.