Friday, February 29, 2008

Honda X Complex event @ Ritual

We had our Honda event in LA Wed. night @ club Ritual...the weather out here is amazing!! 70 and sunny.
There are people actually swimming in the pool!!! I'll be sad to go home to the cold...

Oh...thx to everyone that came out to PAR-TEE...It was def. good times.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A day in the life of...

The video I set-up for Jonas is up and running... LRG is 'bout the kids.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

travel must-haves


my safari desires....

Monday, February 25, 2008

101 + carats

Its been twenty years since such a mighty colorless diamond has hit the auction block. At 101.27 carats, this gigantic gem is expected to bring in more than $6 million when auctioned at the Hong Kong branch of Christie's later this year. On display in London currently until February 27th it will be one of only four colorless diamonds over 100 carats ever auctioned. And I thought ten carats was a sizable rock!

i luv blu

Zippos have long been the Cadillacs of the lighter world, and other than getting regular external fashion and color updates the basics have always been the same. Until now. Now we have Zippo BLU, which trades in the old fuel for a hot-burning butane based flame. Blue and stick straight (even in the wind) it's got cool points coming out its ears. And along with the new fuel the Zippo BLU lighters have an updated external design to set them apart from their longstanding cousins, although they keep all the good stuff (one-hand operation, the trademark flint-wheel ignition system, and lifetime warranty). $30+

Sea Urchin

For the holiday season in 2007, jeweler Suzanne Felsen created sea urchin cufflinks made of recycled gold for Barney's. Sales of the cufflinks, which cost $895 also benefit the World Wildlife Fund. Felsen has gotten bitten by the urchin bug creating other one-of-a-kind sea urchin pieces. The ring shown here features a faceted pink tourmaline set in an 18K gold sea urchin style setting. It costs $6,900.

photo shoot avec moi

had a quick shoot today for my lil friend's working on his portfolio and it's sick!...stayed tuned..

--oh and don't forget to meet me in LA LA tomorrow!!!

intermix warehouse sale

New Balance Event at Sportie LA

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sundance Gifting Suite

Meant to post these awhile back..but here are some pics from the Gifting Suite we did with LRG and a bunch of other partners.
Everyone passed through...even Dan Rather!!! Awesome....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Linkin Park..Jay-Z

was invited to the Linkin Park concert @ MSG, inside the corporate suites---which, seriously is the only way to enjoy a concert--a full buffet, private bath, kitchen, luxury all the way...Thanks to the good people at Canon (Kevin--You're the best), he always looks out for me. I love my canon camera, video recorder, printer, etc!!!

And Linkin Park gave the sickest performance...I love Mike Shinoda he's so cute! But the best part was a special appearance by Jay, he stayed on for a full four song act--Yes, jigga's getting ready for his tour with mary....can't wait..ENCORE!

Car for land & sea

A Swiss company known for their innovative and out-of-the-box designs, has created a car that goes from land to sea in seconds. An all-electric car with one motor for land and two to propel it underwater, this beauty will put the sea in your grasp while riding in style. A salt-resistant interior, on-board breathing apparatus which acts much like scuba gear, open cockpit for safety and viewing pleasure, as well as a laser sensor system for driverless motoring, Rinspeed seems to have thought of it all! Take the sQuba for a spin ... and then a dip

Bangin' Desktop Speaker System

You are probably familiar with the name THX from the systems at the movie theaters but they are making strides on the home market too. This time last year, the first THX-certified television from Vidikron was introduced. Now the first desktop speaker system to use THX's Ground Plane and Slot Speaker technologies has come out. The Razer Mako 2.1 Speaker System costs $400 and promises great sound in a compact size. Engadget reviewed the system this week and were pretty impressed with its capabilities,

Living in a green box

Do you have the perfect home but could really use an extra space for an office, exercise room, or home-spa? I think the Kithaus fits the bill for the perfect addition to any home. Fully-insulated and pre-wired this eco-friendly space arrives in a box and is assembled on-site in just a few days. Designed by Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann, the space is only 9' x 13' but it brings a fresh and modern perspective to conventional prefab structures. Tuck it into a corner of your property, right next to the house or anywhere you could use something special but a little separated from the rest of your home. With decks, canopy and louvers the package is $44,900, but the basic structure starts at $29,500.

Dead that Pork

roll through if u can....and if you're out in LA

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


After MAGIC, rolled through LA for a lil relaxation and work...had to finish up a shoot for adidas and visit some venues for some upcoming events....I have a love & hate relationship with LA. I love the weather...always sunny, warm, and lovely...but hate the driving, the over-production of everything and the B & T's awful!

Cruised around the streets with Reebok's main man, Matt (Tizzle) HE'S THE BEST! Stopped by Sportie LA to check out the venue for an event we're going be having next month...stay tuned...And YES I'll be back (next wed. to be exact)

LRG Heineken Happy Hour

For the fourth Year in a row...Complex held a lil happy hour event at the LRG booth....good times! THX to Heineken....Pete--YOU'RE the best!


Complex joined forced with Epiphany for a lil after party at Prive..sorry to everyone that couldn't get in..the door situation was a hot mess!

But my fav part of going out in Vegas is getting dressed.Yup! I love playing dress up.


Another MAGIC show comes and are the highlights from my lil trip..
dinner @ Strip House with the Epiphany crew...Coltrane always throw a good party/ was a streetwear/who's who illuminati dinner..Astor (nike) Jenn (new era) C white (P2050) Jonas & Ben (LRG) Sky (details) , Ricky (evil monito), Dre (museum group) , Duke (in4mation), Irene, the list goes on...