Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Spent the last couple of days in Japan....ABC mart, ATMOS, MITA, Harajuku are the big footwear brands/stores/areas here...the 109 building is eye-candy galore..def check out Shibuya, Shinjuku and the streetwear central in Harajuku (there's a Flight club, Undefeated, Head Porter Plus, BEAMS, United Arrow...I'm shopped out!)

Japan is an amazing place!! I need to live here..the street style is like no other place and the food is wonderful ( had soooo many great meals--- ) I'll be back soon I hope!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!

Celebrated Jackson's big 3-0 at his lil T-Mobile party..Jackson is the man...seriously...he has and knows more people than anyone I know and he doesn't even live in NYC..well not yet at least :)
He also hooked me up with a Gold Blackberry curve--YUM!!

Happy birthday Jacks!! I got a lil present for u too!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kanye Concert & G-Shock_Kanye Performance

it was a week of Kanye...

was invited to the Kanye concert at MSG by the amazing people at Canon (thanks Kevin) in their luxurious suites--it's really the only way to enjoy a concert....my BFF Sean was my date for the evening :)

The next day...checked out the G-Shock_25th Anniversary event with a live performance by the man himself Kanye.."Yes" there were butt naked girls on the stage and "No" I didn't get any pics...but I did get a free G-shock watch..

NEW YORK_CV+LRG Final Event @ Reed Space

Final stop of the CV+LRG "Pop-Up Shop" Tour...NYC...the event was held at Reed Space....it was packed, super-hot, Just Blaze held down the beats and everyone from Clark Kent, the Alchemist and Shan Foster rolled through...

Check out some of the other blogs for recaps





miami fun...in the sun, yummy food, good friends, drunk friends, red light hotel rooms, roof top pools, one-piece bathing suits, bad tan lines, late nights, missed flights, blah blah blah

Monday, May 5, 2008

CV_LRG Event in Houston @ EndZone Fashions

Here are some pics from the CV_LRG event in Houston. Held at EndZone Fashions, over 350 people turned out to support the collab...BUN B and MANNY FRESH were in the house! Next stop Miami!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Big C all the way

Kevin Garnett took a behind-the-back pass from Paul Pierce, slammed in the dunk to make the lead three dozen points and then slashed his hand across his throat to signal what the Atlanta Hawks already knew.

"It's over," he told the crowd. The game. The series. The surprising little scare Atlanta put into the NBA's best.

KG had 18 points and 11 rebounds, Pierce scored 22 points, and the Celtics turned back the pesky Hawks with a 99-65 victory Sunday in Game 7 of their playoff series to advance to the second round.

Next up: LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Game 1 is Tuesday night.

CV_LRG Event in Houston @ EndZone Fashions

Check out some of the pics!

Kanye West Absolut 100

checked out the Kanye West After party at Zepplins in Houston..it was interesting..a very well-produced after-party


yup. i get bored with my hair..got a new do...but I'm already over it =)