Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Because NYC will always be home...

I never have to worry about not having a place to live in NY but I've been looking into buying a new APT as an investment....especially since it's a buyer's market right now. Going check out a place on in the west village and Chelsea...

Xmas wish..zodiac Hello kitty

this is sooo cute!! A lil pricey at $950 though...

recycled belts

since I live in the land of "green" and Eco-this and that..Belts can make or break an outfit, and although these Tie-Ups are extremely simple in design they're certainly not timid in some very bright colors and with buckles that can be interchanged with other Tie-Ups buckles to fit your own personal style and color combination whims. Plus Tie-Ups belts are made of recycled rubber and plastic, so they're good for the environment as well as you're wardrobe.

Tie-Ups resist fading, are antimicrobial, UV protected, and hypoallergenic. Your choice of 11 colors to mix and match, $89.

Monday, December 22, 2008

an early xmas present

just arrived in the mail...yummy. Too bad I'll probably never even wear them here...

The line for the Mishka sale in Williamsburg


Alexander McQueen hotness

straight off the Spring 2009 runways...

Xmas wish...OTTO Stove Top Espresso Maker

Made almost entirely of stainless steel, the OTTO comes packaged in a premium travel case complete with two Italian-designed latte glasses, a stainless steel milk jug, and a barista training session on DVD. $420

Aston Martin & Lord Foster Revamp London Buses

Aston Martin and famed Architect Lord Norman Foster have won a competition to re-design London's iconic double-decker buses, which were discontinued three years ago. The mayor of London hopes to have the new buses up and running in time for the London Olympics in 2012. According to the AP, in the Aston / Foster model (above), "Passengers sit on reconstituted leather upholstery while gazing through a glazed roof coated with solar panels to power heat and air conditioning. The rounded bus also boasts wood flooring and a saloon-like lower deck that the architect hopes will create 'a tactile living room feel.'" Critics of the plan have pointed out the cost of the chic new conveyances could amount to $160 million a year.

everyone should get colorwared...

I'm am!

latest discovery

cabin fever is costing me way too much money...online shopping--it's the best. My latest purchase--a Chanel Tennis racket
Two of my favorite things--Chanel and Tennis!! It's a great combination!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love Lockdown remix by Jalyn.


watched Twilight this weekend...as my obsession with Vampire-lore continues...(It's getting a lil scary living alone--I better stop watching all these creepy movies, especially when this town doesn't seem to have many people) but Twilight is very different from most Vampire tales. Not much bloody gore or sex..but it was entertaining enough. And there's definitely going to be a sequel.

cabin fever

My first weekend in "everytown" USA and it hasn't stopped snowing. I love snow but this city seems to shut down when it snows and they don't believe in "salting" the ground..I guess it's not organic or green...great for the enviro but terrible for car drivers. tried to go to "everytown" USA's mall but most of the shops were closed. thank god I got a SUV. the roads were terrible!

Xmas wish...LE Tweezers

It's getting a little tight now for stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts but if you're looking for something sparkly and last minute for someone else, or a totally over-the-top splurge for yourself, consider these Limited Swarovski Edition Slant Tweezers from RonRobinson. Voted a 'Best of Beauty' winner by Allure magazine 7 years running for the perfectly angled and hand-filed slant tips, these tweezers are used and recommended by beauty professionals (although presumably without the bling). Shown here in Devine White, the tweezers are covered almost completely with Swarovski crystals and come with a coordinated leather case. $10

my new fendi boots

ii'm obsessed with OTK boots...

xmas wish...La Perla

La Perla has come through with one of the finest holiday collections we've seen in years.

Above, you see a delicious pile of some of the items from the Holiday Song Collection:
a scalloped lace pushup bra for $289
a stretch lace panty with "flirty scalloped hem" for $168
a silk lace-up slip with lace detail and adjustable straps for $489

would make a lovely xmas present...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


i need this for Mt. Hood!!!

LV Japan

Earlier this month Louis Vuitton had cut its prices in Japan by 7 percent in an effort to boost flagging sales. Now parent company LVMH has scrapped plans for a brand new Vuitton flagship store in Tokyo's glamorous Ginza shopping district. The 10-floor luxury behemoth complete with restaurant had been slated for opening in 2010, Reuters reports. An official for the developer, Hulic Co Ltd, said the proposed building would probably still be constructed for a different high-end brand. An LVMH spokesman confirmed that Louis Vuitton had withdrawn from the project but "declined to explain the decision or comment on its plans."


it's a buyers market out there and I'm looking into buying a new home......

LV Sprouse

The site for Marc Jacobs' limited-edition Stephen Sprouse-inspired accessories and ready-to-wear line for Louis Vuitton finally went live yesterday. Welovesprouse.com is packed with video and photos, including a gallery of the seriously showy 2009 tribute collection. While you surf around looking at photos and reading Sprouse's bio, you can click on the boombox icon on the bottom left to listen to a Sprouse playlist—a cool idea, but the tunes are all just 45 second clips and as soon as you get into a song it ends in a burst of static. Combined with the site's dizzying animation, it's a lot to handle. If you aren't prone to vertigo, click over.

AA Layouts

Despite the fact that American Apparel has "posted some of the strongest sales gains among major retail chains in recent months," the LAT reports today that the T-shirt and basics purveyor laid off several hundred employees companywide.

The paper cites the layoffs as a "result of a reduction in the company's expansion plans and a recent $15-million upgrade to its machinery and equipment that boosted worker productivity."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my view

outside my window...it's always dark here and all i hear ALL night LONG is the train....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

corsets/bras trending forward

There's no question that a little hint of lace or sheer netting peeking out of a blouse is incredibly sexy. Though, these days, we're seeing provocative little under-things coming out from beneath clothing in a much bolder way.

It was back at Fashion Week in September when we first noticed structured bras and lacy satin camisoles worn beneath tiny jackets and shrunken cardigans. Of course, we totally understand if that's not quite your thing—it's definitely more on the daring side. But lucky for you, these delicate pieces work just as well serving their original purpose. And, if a whisper of lace should catch the eye, well, why not? So, whether you dare to bare, or prefer to give just a hint of what lies beneath, these 20 bras and corsets will definitely make your dress-up routine a little more interesting.

day 7 and freezing

Day 7 of my "adventure" in every other town USA and it was a nightmare coming back, not only was my flight delayed 2-hours, i landed at midnight with NO CAB in sight and over 100 hundred people in line trying to get a cab. this place seems to shut down when a lil snow falls. The roads were iced over and it was freeeezing!!! (guess they don't believe in snow plows or salt for that matter) Oh and I spent over an hour in 7 degree below weather waiting for a cab to go home. End Result you ask? My disfavor and enmity to this place continues to propagate further.

zippo warmer

I think this just might be the coolest (and cutest) little gadget if you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffer to round out the usual candy and scratch-off lottery tickets. The Zippo Hand Warmer is fun, useful, and perhaps best of all probably a little unexpected. It's smaller than your average hand warmer (looks like I could easily have one stuffed in each glove while I'm scraping ice off my car's windshield) and is very similar to a Zippo lighter in size and shape with a sleek, smooth chrome finish on the exterior. Fill it with Zippo premium lighter fluid and it will provide heat for up to 24 hours at a time. $29.95

True Blood

During my past 10-hours (total) spent on a plane this weekend, I picked up the Sookie Stackhouse book series by Charlaine Harri...the basis for HBO's cult show "True Blood". While the overall critical reception of True Blood has been generally favorable, initial impressions were mixed, ranging from overwhelmingly positive to very negative. Many critics have praised the show for its originality, storytelling and aesthetics; others have criticized it for being "muddled" and resorting to stereotypes in its characterizations.

Ratings for the series have steadily increased since its debut. Currently, True Blood is set to become HBO's third most-watched series behind previous hits The Sopranos and Sex and the City And I can see why, I've only seen two episodes of the show (I don't have HBO) but I'm dying to see the others....if anyone has HBO on demand can they please invite me over? It's not out on DVD until April!!! and I can't find it on Itunes or Netflix or anywhere!!! Help!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thai Son

I haven't been to this spot in over 4-5 YEARS but after a long day of sample sale shopping (Alexander Wang, Cynthia Vincent, Diane Von F.) with the lovely ladies (Aileen, Cat, Tori, Robin, Renee) we all decided that a bowl of warm soup was much needed and def worth the $$ since we did some serious damage shopping!! Got some great deals though...

luxury cut-backs

You almost expect a Prada-clad shopgirl to announce a blue light special in aisle 8. Except you're at Bergdorf Goodman, and they don't do that there. And yet, over the weekend Madison Avenue Spy reported that Bergdorf would slash prices to 70% off, likely to compete with Saks who'd gone that far the week before.

Those on Barney's email list learned this morning that the store would go to 60% off retail. And we're only a week into December.

According to the NY Times, the recent sales have induced a bit of a frenzy in Manhattan, where lizard-skin handbags are tossed together into bargain-bin like displays a la Wal-Mart...aisle 8.

i do!

Lots of people have special inscriptions on their wedding rings, like initials, dates, or even entire wedding vows engraved inside the bands, but designer Sakurako Shimizu is taking custom inscriptions to a whole new level.

First she records a sound on her computer using sound editing software. Next, she takes the picture in the software created by the sound and uses a laser to cut the waveform into her jewelry designs. The pictured wedding bands feature the design of the sound of a couple whispering "I do" into the audio recorder.

Shimizu takes custom orders for these rings, so you and your betrothed can wear your very own words of love to each other. Her Waveform series isn't just for wedding rings -- her portfolio also includes necklaces, brooches, earrings, and bracelets. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes a bride-to-be drool -- it is an incredibly romantic idea.

Benz slow down

The principle of supply and demand has led to a throttling of production in many places. This week Daimler announced that it is reducing the working week at its largest Mercedes-Benz factory, the Sindelfingen factory near Stuttgart, Germany. BBC News reports that the factory will implement a four-day working week from January 12 until at least the end of March and there may even be some three-day weeks in the mix.


if you love seafood like me, the NY Times recently announced another silver lining to the current economic cloud, lowering lobster prices. Lobster prices have been steadily on the rise for years but now prices are down by about one third. The article quotes Trevor Corson, the author of "The Secret Life of Lobsters" who says that lobster fisherman have made lobster fisheries so sustainable, they have recently had record catches. They were sending excess lobsters to processing plants that sold them frozen to chain restaurants. Some of the Canadian plants have closed due to the poor economy so there are more caught lobsters than usual available. Eventually supply will slow to meet demand but for now, cheaper lobsters are the rule. So get that melted butter ready and the article has one more tip, put them in the freezer for 15 minutes before any cooking methods, its slows their metabolism.


I'm constantly searching for unique babbles for my fingers. the stranger and "blinger" the better...The Black Diamond Snake Ring from Idalia features black and contrasting white diamonds: 1 pear shaped diamond, carat total weight 0.38; 77 round black diamonds, carat total weight 2.01; and 17 round brilliant white diamonds, carat total weight 0.38; all set in 18k gold for $3,350.00. Idalia is a new website for the true jewelry connoisseur.