Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Element Case Valentine's Day iPhone Cases

Element Case is offering a Limited Edition Valentine's Liquid Case that fits the classic iPhone and iPhone 3G. It's a tough case that protects your phone on all sides. The hard shell case is built to withstand rough handling and offers access to all ports. And once your phone is locked in, it's not going anywhere. The case has flip lids that protect the screen when not in use. Built especially for those that use play games on the iPhone, the case offers a little extra room to hold on, making it function a little more like a PSP or Nintendo DS.

The Valentine artwork was developed by graphic designer Nancy Ogami. They will make 100 custom back painted pearlescent pink cases each numbered and is customized with "your message or name" engraved on both the gray lid and the translucent flip lid. The case sells for $119 and the last order processing day for guaranteed shipping by Valentine's Day is February 10 (February 7 for Europe).