Tuesday, November 18, 2008

gap nike

Last year, the Gap offered a brightly striped holiday Vespa. This year they are going even greener, selling blue argyle-printed Electra bicycle. The bike comes two sizes, the adult version for $499 and a kid's version for $299.

The bike is part of Gap's holiday campaign that includes the usual crop of celebrities looking adorable in sweaters and scarves (this year's cast includes Jon Hamm, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Hudson, Rainn Wilson and Mary-Louise Parker). The ads feature ttaglines centered on the theme of "your own." Each individual in the campaign provided a handwritten response to various fill-in-the-blank taglines about the holiday season. Twilight's Cam Gigandet's tag-line reads "Fulfill Your Own New Years Resolutions," Actor Rainn Wilson wrote, "Merry Your Own Naughty Elf," and Actress Milla Jovovich's simply says, "Celebrate Your Own Gift."