Monday, August 18, 2008


Sugarcane is the latest night club to open on the Las Vegas Strip. Sugarcane opened on Friday at the Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino. The club is located adjacent to SushiSamba's Las Vegas restaurant and will feature samba dancers, geishas, distinctive cocktails and over-the-top interior design. The 4,000 square foot club includes a stage, dance floor and DJ booth made of bamboo, smoked and frosted acrylic, resin and paper. Gold and chocolate brown leather cover wenge wood banquettes and the club's theme is displayed through 4,000 custom-made simulated "sugarcanes" which drop down from the ceiling and contain moving lights that wind through the tubes and rods. Brazilian graffiti artist Felipe Yung ("Flip") has also taken the spray paint can to various elements of Sugarcanes d├ęcor.