Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aw, you’re nervous. Biting your nails? Take those fingers out of your mouth.

Want to know where I’m putting mine? Under a heat lamp. To get your paws on the metallic, mirror-finished nail coverings, you have to warm them up.

That’s how those sun-kissed California girls do it. Just pick your brassy pattern: silver foil, pink leopard, gold lightning, chrome tweed, fishnet. Once your digits are buffed, decals are applied with heat and trimmed down to fit your nails. What do you mean you’re wet? No, baby, there’s no drying time.

Manis are chemical and chip free. Doesn’t that feel good? If they peel a little — prematurely — just run them under the hair dryer until hot to the touch.

That should satisfy you for at least ten days.